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Advanced Sito Prostate

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Advanced Sito Prostate is a premium prostate health supplement designed to reduce prostate growth and prevent other prostate health problems. This all natural formula utilizes its patent pending SITO-PRO technology , containing highly-potent ingredients intended to reduce inflammation and inhibit hormones that cause prostate growth.

  • Healthy Prostate Function
  • Fewer Day & Night Bathroom Trips
  • Reduction of Urinary Urges
  • Reduced LUTS
*formulated with scientifically validated ingredients

Advanced Sito Prostate is designed to greatly improve the quality of lives of men who suffer from benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), and other lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) caused by prostate enlargement. The formula is also designed to help prevent further prostate enlargement and other prostate-related health conditions, such prostate inflammation. Advanced Sito Prostate is equipped with powerful ingredients designed to target the factors involved in prostate enlargement and inflammation to reduce the risk of BPH and prostate growth while greatly reducing the associated symptoms that cause pain and discomfort. Take control over your prostate health and take Advanced Sito Prostate!

An Enlarged Prostate Can Cause:

Urinary Incontinence

Frequent Urination

Difficulty Urinating

Erectile Dysfunction

With Advanced Sito Prostate You Will Experience:

Reduced Prostate Growth

Lower DHT Levels

Reduced Prostate Inflammation

Prostate Disease Prevention


Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) is caused by the natural reaction of the prostate gland to increased dihydrotestosterone levels. DHT is the primary hormone that stimulates prostate growth, and as men age, the continuous effect of dihydrotestosterone on the prostate causes it to continue growing, often growing to a size that is large enough to cause urinary tract issues. The urethra passes through the prostate gland, and the continued prostate growth often causes urethral stenosis, or the narrowing of the urethra, which impedes the flow of urine from the bladder. Dihydrotestosterone is derived from testosterone, and by inhibiting the enzyme that converts testosterone to dihydrotestosterone, Advanced Sito Prostate can effectively reduce prostate growth, and even reduce its size to minimize the symptoms caused by BPH.


Advanced Sito Prostate utilizes high-quality ingredients, specially selected to engage different pathways that reduce dihydrotestosterone, inflammation, and cholesterol levels, for the ultimate prostate relief.


Advanced Sito Prostate utilizes ingredients that are not only designed to provide relief but also protection for the prostate. The formula is highly-capable of reducing the risk of BPH and prostate cancer.

Prostate Size Reduction:

Reducing cholesterol levels while minimizing DHT levels in the body help reduce the size of the prostate.

LUTS Relief:

Prostate reduction and prevention lead to reduced lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS), such as incontinence, pain, and dysuria.

Cholesterol Reduction:

Advanced Sito Prostate contains ingredients that help lower cholesterol levels to reduce prostate size and promote a healthier cardiovascular system.

Prostate Protection:

Advanced Sito Prostate contains ingredients that may help prevent prostate growth and prostate cancer.

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Helps reduce prostate growth by acting as a 5alpha-reductase inhibitor to prevent the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone.

Saw Palmetto

Helps reduce prostate size and further growth by acting as an anti-inflammatory agent and 5alpha-reductase inhibitor.

Pygeum Powder

Helps reduce the prostate size by inhibiting the proliferation of myofibroblast cells in the prostate.


Helps reduce cholesterol levels to prevent prostate growth and reduce prostate size.

Pro Defense Complex

Contains key vitamins and minerals that act as antioxidants to reduce free radicals that cause prostate cancer.


A high-performance blend of ingredients that work synergistically to inhibit the 5alpha-reductase enzyme to reduce DHT levels.

Advanced Sito Prostate is the premium supplement for the ultimate prostate relief. The cutting-edge formula is geared to address the factors that increase BPH risk and provide the necessary relief of lower urinary tract symptoms. Take Advanced Sito Prostate and get the relief and protection you need against prostate health problems!

Advanced Sito Prostate

Normally $109.95 $69.95
  • Prostate reduction
  • LUTS relief
  • Cholesterol reduction
  • Prostate protection
*formulated with scientifically validated ingredients
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