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Ultra Sleep Aid


Ultra Sleep Aid is a powerful sleep aid and relaxation supplement that helps you get rid of your daily battles with stress. Equipped with high-grade melatonin, it allows you to relax and get rid of the stress from your daily burdens, free up your mind and body, leaving you fully recharged for another grind.

  • Relax Your Body
  • Refresh Your Mind
  • Recharge Your Energy
  • Improve Your Sleep Quality
*formulated with scientifically validated ingredients

Getting a good amount of sleep is incredibly important for your health.
With today’s fast-paced lifestyle, it’s easy to forget that the most common health problem today is stress and lack of sleep. Too much stress and sleep deprivation can affect many aspects of your health and has been linked to a higher risk of conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. It also plays a huge role in your quality of life and your daily performance.

The Risks of Sleep Deprivation

Impaired Cognition


Stroke Risk

Risk for Heart Disease

As you can see there are many risks to lack of sleep that can greatly affect your life.
Getting good quality sleep can help against all these risks.

With Ultra Sleep Aid You Can Expect to

Refresh Your Mind

Increase Productivity

Relax Your Body

Strengthen Your Heart


Stress, depression, chronic pain, and even the occasional overindulgence of stimulants such as caffeine, can cause sleep deprivation. The condition occurs when the mind overrides the body’s natural urge to rest. Having a fast-paced and demanding lifestyle could also lead to sleep deprivation, which could diminish your body’s capacity to perform optimally.


Sleep is a natural process that is regulated by the circadian rhythm, which is an internal biological process that takes external stimuli to trigger a natural sleep-wake cycle. The circadian rhythm regulates many of the body’s processes, including the immune system, and cell repair and recovery. Disrupting this cycle could lead to more serious health problems.


The lack of sleep could seriously impair your immune system and normal biological processes. During sleep, the immune system releases cytokines, which is used to fight off infections. The lack of sleep also strains your physical and mental health as your body is not given enough time to rest and recover.

Improve Your Memory

Sleep is good for you. And also necessary. When you sleep your mind still stays hard at work, processing your memories for the day. If you don’t get enough sleep nobody knows where those memories can go.

Increase Productivity

Sleep has been linked to help improve concentration and cognitive function, both of which can be extremely useful for you to be successful at work. One bad night of sleep can leave you burnt out and more likely to make more mistakes while out on the job.

Decrease Anxiety and Stress

Ultra Sleep Aid uses ingredients shown to relieve stress and fight anxiety. With a better night sleep you can be sure you will wake up feeling less stressed and be ready to take on your day.

Relax Your Body

Ultra Sleep Aid uses the potent ingredient passionflower and GABA(Gamma-aminobutyric acid) compound. This has been shown to lower brain activity, which helps you relax and sleep better.

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Ingredients to Help You Sleep Better


Melatonin is a hormone made by the pineal gland. It is also referred to as the “sleep hormone” because it helps your body relax before you go to sleep. It is also a powerful antioxidant and known to provide a variety of other benefits.

Valerian Root

Valerian Root is commonly used to help treat sleeping disorders, such as insomnia. Other research suggests that valerian root may also help ease anxiety from everyday stress.


Used for sleeping disorders, restlessness, stress and anxiety, Passionflower is a powerful ingredient when trying to get that good night's rest. Studies have shown passionflower significantly improves insomnia, depression and headaches and is non-habit forming.

Chamomile Flower

Used to reduce stress and help with insomnia, chamomile is a non-habit forming herb and one of the top herbs you can use to improve your sleep quality and promote restful nights.

Ultra Sleep Aid uses natural ingredients that work on your internal sleep-wake cycle to give you a full night’s sleep

Get the rest and relaxation you deserve with the natural formula of Ultra Sleep Aid! Our 100% drug-free formula helps you regain your normal sleep cycle, allowing you to enjoy a full night of sleep. Take Ultra Sleep Aid and free yourself from insomnia and other sleep disorders!

Ultra Sleep Aid

  • Improve Your Memory
  • Increase Productivity
  • Decrease Anxiety and Stress
  • Relax Your Body
*formulated with scientifically validated ingredients
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